Applegate Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets Recall

January 30, 2013 — 13 Comments
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On January 18th, 2013 Applegate issued a recall on 3,144 packages of Applegate Naturals Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets with Lot Code 210864 and a Best Before date of August 28, 2013.

“The product subject to recall include:

8-oz. cartons of “APPLEGATE® Naturals Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

The establishment number “P-2617” can be found printed on the side of each carton. The products were packaged on Sept. 19, 2012. The lot number “210864” and the best before date “08/28/13” are printed on each carton’s side panel. The UPC code “25317-00556” is printed on the back of each carton. The products were distributed to retail stores in Indiana, Maryland, Oregon and Washington. Consumers who purchased these products should return them to the store for a full refund.” -

You won’t believe how this happened

Needless to say this is very upsetting, especially because the chicken nuggets were certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.

Read this excerpt from a conversation on the Applegate facebook page regarding what happened.

Accidentally put into the gluten free packaging? Are you fu***** kidding me?

I’m guessing that a huge company like Applegate labels their product while it’s in production. So if my guess is correct the person(s) who “accidentally put the non-gluten-free chicken nuggets into the gluten free packaging” didn’t read the label.

How ironic that when we put trust in to a company that is certified gluten free we feel like we don’t need to read the label for hidden gluten but in this case it was the company that didn’t read their own label before packaging their own product.

Closing Thoughts

As many of you know I’m in the process of creating a subscription based gluten free food box service, this accident issue has made me give more thought about the companies I’ll be choosing to be featured in my box. My initial thoughts were to feature certified gluten free companies that had good tasting products but I’m beginning to re-think if a gluten free certification is enough.

Tell Me What You Think!

Dr. Rodney Ford Gluten ZERODid you know that a product can be Certified Gluten Free even though it’s being manufactured in the same facility as non-gluten-free products? This accident could have been avoided if one of the requirements for a product to be Certified Gluten Free was to have it be made in a dedicated gluten free facility, but obviously this it not a requirement. I know what Dr. Rodney Ford would say…. GLUTEN ZERO

Applegate Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets Recall, 4.4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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  • Renee

    Really?????? I do use other applegate products and I’m sooo upset! It’s hard for us as consumers to be diligent as it is….. And now for a company that I Trusted….to let this happen…it is inexcusable! What happened to quality control? Thank you for posting this!!!!!

  • Anna Redlich

    I understand where everyone is coming from but it is called HUMAN error. And yes they need to be careful but Human means that they are not perfect. If the person was new or someone put the containers in the wrong area then it is a multiple problem. That is why I DO NOT eat anything that is processed. You never know because like I said Humans make errors and if I make a mistake at home then it is my own fault. And anyway I cant afford gluten free foods that are processed. I
    can hardly afford the breads…

  • Erik Kaeding

    This is disappointing, I ate those and got sick, I assumed it was something else as I rechecked the ingredient list. i guess I am not entitled to a refund as I no longer have the product to return.

  • Lauren

    As someone who has worked in a factory as a teen, it’s not hard to grab the wrong set of boxes. Yes, it’s people’s health, blah blah blah. The factory I was in made smoke detectors. Try and tell me that their quality control isn’t life or death…I heard about this when it happened and they had recalled it before there were any reports of people getting sick. What makes me sick is gluten-free fanatics who let this disease consume their souls or feel that a company that worked to correct the issue deserves to be condemned.

  • Andrew Cordova

    I’m not here to condem Applegate, but only spread awareness of what happened. Someone might have unknowingly eaten the non-gluten-free chicken nuggets and gotten sick and never figured out what caused a reaction. Like I said in my post, it bugs me that their product is Certified Gluten Free. For a product to be Certified Gluten Free there should be parameters in place so that something so simple as not reading a label would not be a possibility. For the record I eat Applegate products.

  • Jolene

    Lauren, Im not exactly sure I understood you correctly but the last line in your comment reads: “”What makes me sick is gluten-free fanatics who let this disease consume their souls or feel that a company that worked to correct the issue deserves to be condemned.”" That makes absolutely no sense what so ever. You really need to educate yourself on gluten intolerance and celiac disease. Gluten sensitive people can DIE from being glutened… Its just like something being labeled peanut free and someone with a peanut allergy buys it and dies.. You should be able to trust the company to package the product properly that is supposedly CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE…

  • Wendy Coffman

    I was kind of on the fence, I mean, mistakes happen. But then I went to their website link to read more about the incident, and the future plans include making sure to rotate the packaging material when using the lines for different products. Their attitude definitely makes it seem like Applegate views this as a minor labeling problem, instead of an issue that can cause distress and illness to many people. You can add me to the list of Applegate boycotters – and that’s gonna hurt, ’cause my boys love the smoked turkey. Time to learn charcuterie!

  • Lorayne

    Lauren I wonder if you fully understand the trouble with gluten? A celiac is actually physically damaged when they ingest gluten. If they continue to ingest it they can end up with cancer. Do you still think they are overreacting!?

    I agree that gf certification should have VERY rigorous standards. I imagine that many companies do not want to get involved with the costs of multiple factories, but there is plenty of market for people who need to eat gluten and wheat free.

    Keep up the great work Andrew!



  • Alison

    My daughter has celiac. We have relied on AG products as safe. We have not purchased chicken nuggets for months, but she just had 2 AG boxes in the last week. This “mistake” is unacceptable.

  • SilentCal

    Not to defend Applegate’s actions, but I’ll bet that what happened here is that someone loaded the wrong kind of boxes [the GF version] into the packaging machine on the non-gluten-free nuggets production line.

    The outside brown shipping cartons may have been correctly labeled as non-gluten-free, but once they passed through the warehouse distributor and were opened to be stocked at the supermarket, the individual units would be wrong on the shelf.

    This is why it’s smart to buy from brands that ONLY make GF products, although some do a terrific job of keeping the lines separate.

  • Christina

    Banning all AppleGate products for now and going forward! Just not willing to sacrifice my health for a company that cares so little for it’s consumers. And As a Grocery store owner, I won’t carry your products either… I won’t risk my customers health to a company with no checks and balances.

  • ladyee loo

    sad.. but heres the lesson. dont eat something you dont know whats going into it. i dont make it a habit to consume anything that most likely contains gmo, so idk whats on the box. but im sure, as the other companies all do this a required, that it makes it known its prroccessed in the same plant. now. while this is unacceptable, its really up to the consumer to be aware this could potentially happen. to not assume that, is like a teen wondering how she got pregnant after having relationships.. i hope noone was seriously harmed in this. but this is the prime example of WHY i dont trust boxed/canned “foods” or anything manufactured. or certified. like they actually know what theyre doing, or care about people instead of Benjamin, Jackson, and Lincolns.. take the FDA for example theres at LEAST 13 foods/ingredients banned in numerous countries, that they deem as safe here. trust no one. its not that hard to make your own. it generally takes maybe 20 minutes more. and storebought crap takes 20 minutes to cook anyways!! ugh. its so sad the lazy state were in…