Are Oats Gluten Free?

January 6, 2013 — 8 Comments
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Real Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Non Certified Gluten Free Oats

Has anyone ever told you that oats are gluten free?

Are Oats Gluten Free? Yes and NoPubMed_logo

The current research states that oats are gluten free, although only certified gluten free oats are safe for anyone following a gluten free lifestyle. Confusing? Yes. Will you understand why by the end of this post? Double yes.

Oats And Wheat Can Be Grown On The Same Land

Reader feedback: "Actually, I think alot of the gluten problem with oats is that it is grown after wheat on the same land in a succession, and "volunteer" wheat from the previous year can grow in the current crop of oats, contaminating it. I mention it as I am a farmer's daughter, live on a farm, and know the rotation that is done on our land here." - Candee

Oats Are Often Contaminated In The Milling Process

It’s expensive for the commercial mills which grind wheat and oats to have separate milling machines, facilities, and storage areas, so frequently they will grind wheat, then quickly blow out the milling apparatus to remove obvious clumps, and then grind something else – oats, barley, whatever.

No real attempt is made to clean the mill, as this would take too much time.

Oats On The Road

The trucks used to transport oats also transport other grains so cross contamination during the transportation of oats is likely to happen.

Are Quaker Oats Old Fashioned Gluten Free?

Obviously Quaker oats are not certified gluten free, so I do not recommend anyone consume these oats but in my daily scouring of the internet I continue to find people asking if quaker oats are gluten free so I decided to test Quaker oats old fashioned with a GlutenTox test kit to prove that they are indeed not gluten free.

Quaker Oats Are Definitely Not Gluten Free

Quaker Oats Are Definitely Not Gluten Free

This is a video of two tests that I ran on Quaker Oats Old Fashioned. Both tests were performed at 20 ppm with the GlutenTox Pro at-home test kit.

Both tests at 20 ppm turned out positive.

The positive test results is proof that commercial oats like quaker oats old fashioned can contain gluten. Not because the actual grain itself is not gluten free but because the way that the oats are processed.

Even Certified Gluten Free Oats Can Be Problematic

Oats are one of the top four cross reactive foods to gluten which means your body could be reacting to oats the same way it reacts to gluten. This cross reactivity happens because the protein structure found in oats is very similar to the protein structure of wheat, barely, and rye. Click here to learn more about cross reactive foods to gluten.

So Which Oats Are Gluten Free?

There are a few companies that go out of their way to make sure that we have a safe and reliable source of truly gluten free oats.

Here are some gluten free oat companies:

Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Oats

GF Harvest Gluten Free Oats

Legacy Valley Gluten Free Oats

Cream Hill Estates Gluten Free Oats 

Glutenfreeda Gluten Free Oats

Avena Food Gluten Free Oats

Montana Gluten Free Oats

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  • Debie

    I will only buy certified gluten free oats from now on.
    Thanks for you help

  • Brandy Roel

    I only buy gluten free oats from Bobs Red Mill but even then I can only have a couple bowls of oatmeal each week until start to feel ill. I would like to learn more about cross reactivity I think I might have this too :(

  • Jennifer M.

    Some people just can’t tolerate gluten free oats just like many can’t tolerate corn or milk. I can do cheese and yogurt but milk does a number on my digestive tract.

  • Allison

    I get my GF oats from Trader Joes and haven’t had any issues. I did have a surprise gluten attack last night from orange marmalade (organic from whole foods but not store brand). It didn’t say it was GF but the few ingredients listed seemed fine. It had to be it by process of elimination so be careful with marmalade.

  • angi

    I try to avoid “natural flavorings” as those are usually gluten based. Also avoid maltodextrin. Anything over processed is too much for our systems and they can’t digest it, so if it was made in a lab, it shouldn’t be eaten.

  • Rose Lazzari

    I personally have not had a bad reaction to Quaker Oats. I have Celiac Disease and it has been 5 years since I was diagnosed. When it comes to Oatmeal though I always buy the Mieyers Naturals brand – Old fashion Oats I use it in everything I make awesome bread crumbs too also it is priced well too. I am surprised that Quaker Oats is not Gluten free!! PS I love Bob’s Red Mill products the Pizza crust is amazing.

  • Meran

    I reacted to oats until I found GF certified oats. Now I can eat them without problems. Mind you, I don’t eat them every day. :D

  • Pat M

    Thank you! Ironic that I was eating GF oatmeal when I saw this email! Bob’s Red Mill. I’m glad to sed they are safe. I’m Celiac & allergic to soy and trying to go from vegetarian to vegan so it’s hard to find a lot of food choices. Thanks to your hard work and dedication I can breathe, and eat, a lot easier.